You are washing the dishes in your kitchen, with the arms tired after a long working day … you take the sponge with the gloves and you start scrubbing a plate: suddenly the grip fails and it falls in the sink hitting glasses and dishes. Are they broken?
How many of you have experienced this episode not only washing the dishes but also cleaning the bathroom? Or by washing the floors?
Fortunately, starting from today, that’s all an old memory; we created for you a new line designed to guarantee a perfect handling of the products: SOFT TOUCH.

The innovation is the ergonomic non-slip rubber layer on the household cleaning products’ handle, allowing the increase of the comfort and the grip of the handle.
The new line has been introduced with six products specifically designed to solve situations where water and detergents could make the use of these items more difficult.

Dish brush with sponge, with a revolutionary round shape and equipped with a soft / abrasive double side
Dish brush with fiber, for a deeper cleaning and encrusted dirt.

abbiamo ideato un pratico brush, that can be purchased individually or in the set version with the appropriate support.

here the last two SOFT TOUCH products, designed for helping you with the floors and laundry cleaning. The restyling of the classiclaundry brush, allows you to scrub the stains without being afraid of losing grip; the other product is dedicated to the whole house: it is the dustpan and brush set, perfect for dust removal.

All these products have been created with a special focus on customer needs, in order to improve the cleaning experience of each home. Exactly for this reason we added more value to this range thanks to the possibility of customizing each product. Every product can be unique by choosing to write your name or deciding to give a special gift to somebody.

Cloth or mop, this is the dilemma!

If you ever asked yourself this question, you are reding the right article. Even if a correct answer doesn’t exist, we want to help you better understand the differences between them, trying to dispel some clichés.
Cleaning the floors with a cloth is one of the oldest techniques, used for centuries to better polish castles and more: the most romantic people will certainly remember the dear Cinderella struggling with the big house to be cleaned.

In the modern variant, Cinderella should no longer sit with her knees on the floor of the house, but she could use our IBRA deck scrub, which has been used for decades to rub the most stubborn stains. The latest Made in FASS evolution is instead our “deck scrub with cloth grip”, an innovative brush characterized by the special rubber holes to lock the rag. It’s the more practical and comfortable model.

Although the use of the cloth has therefore become more comfortable thanks to the help of these practical tools, such as our brushes, however, it remains an extremely tiring technique due to the strong pressure required. A lot of people tend to prefer “deck scrub + cloth” thanks to the possibility of washing them in the washing machine, but our mop heads have the same feature.
Actually Mops are more used than floor cloths; they represent a technological upgrade respect to the traditional clothes for the following reasons:

1) Practicality and ergonomics. It is almost always accompanied by a bucket + wringer kit, which allows a much more comfortable and effective use
2) Variety of materials. There are an infinite range of MOPs, each one for a specific type of surface and taste; see our range of SUPER 3 and SUPER 4 multimaterial MOPs, passing through our NATURAL GREEN MICROFIBER MOP, up to TWISTMOP and COTTON MOP.
3) No contact with detergents and chemical agents. The use of the handle and wringer allows you to avoid contact of your hands with the cleaning area.

At this point it is clear that MOP is a technological evolution respect to clothes in general and it is certainly more suitable for all the people who don’t want to spend extra-time and energy in floor cleanings, while the floor cloth (a timeless classic) is loved by traditionalists and certainly guarantees great result, but with a great physical effort

Ambiente 2020

Ambiente is confirmed once again the best worldwide fair for household products. Despite the visitors frequency drop during the first wave of Covid-19 in Europe, Ambiente 2020 has been a very important show for FASS, thanks to the launch of the innovative products through a renewed double floor stand. The 2020 challenge was trying to interpret the concept of “sustainability” in the most innovative and disruptive way possible: “Natural green” is the answer of FASS Research and Development. Raw material sustainability, obviously certified, and packaging sustainability: a mix of completely revolutionary technologies for the house cleaning products, with a typically Italian design.

New Fass Cloths

Cleaning has never been so easy

FASS developed an innovative line of cloths to better clean all the domestic surfaces.
It’s a series of products realized with special and innovative materials, following all the most recent trend and requests of the final consumers.
A wide range of high quality materials and fabrics, in particular the new microfiber that guarantees high performance in terms of softness and absorbency.
As always, “easy cleaning”!