Super 4 Power grip

When the cleaning gets tough, the tough gets clean

Thanks to the new multifiber technology, FASS developed a new concept of professional tool: the different features of the material used and the criss-cross idea, allowed to create the new Super 4 Power grip. It is a real special instrument for the cleaning of big surfaces.
The Power grip ergonomic handle makes it even more comfortable and performing than the existing ones: it is perfect for the energy saving during the cleaning operations, keeping the best efficiency possible. Designed for professional use, Super 4 PowerGrip is the most efficient and innovative item on the market.


Born from our Research and Development, a new extraordinary range of products.

We are talking about a multi-function and multi-material range that represents an important step forward in the house cleaning tools.
All the investments made in machineries and high technology allowed us to use different materials on the same broom, brush or mop head.
With this innovative solution we can realize items with different functions, trying to reach a more efficient cleaning.
Actually the main focus is on the Super 2, Super 3 and Super 4 mop heads: they are the best seller items and a lot of customers is looking for them.
With this innovative range of items Fass redefines the concept of cleaning and offers new tools with specific functions for every need.

Fass news at Ambiente 2019

FASS is ready to show the latest news at “Ambiente”, the international fair dedicated to the consumer goods that will take place in Frankfurt from the 8th to the 12th of February 2019.

In the new big stand with two floors, FASS welcomes its international customers to show all the new products born from the research and technological development that has characterized the company’s investments in the last years.

Particularly, during the Fair, FASS will introduce the new range of multi-function and multi-material mop heads together with the new SuperFass line, a project that will revolutionize the concept of product through the use of different materials and therefore the possibility of multiple functions in the same item.

All the customers will be invited to test the new “Fass Mop Configurator”, an absolute novelty that allows all the guests to appreciate the extraordinary flexibility and the infinite possible options for the mop heads customization.

A further step forward for the innovation Made in Fass.

(Italiano) Fass ad Ambiente 2018 presenta i ‘Super4’