The reason why we use painted metal handle

Our metal handles are treated and painted with thermosetting powder epoxy nature that adhere through electrostatic effect.
The ovens with direct heating with air vein burner allow the fusion and polymerization of the powders, resulting in a uniform, continuous, homogeneous and very resistant film.
The powder paint is characterized by the total absence of solvents: it solves problems and improves the inherent risk associated with fire, toxicity, VOC entries in the environment and waste disposal.

The guarantee of excellent performance
Constant sampling and testing carried out by our quality control department ensures excellent performance at both finishing level and at the level of mechanical strength (hardness and elasticity).

Excellent mechanical strength
bumps, scratches, abrasion and adhesion

Resistant to chemical agents
detergents, solvents, acids and bases

Resistant to atmospheric agents
light, heat, humidity and corrosion