FASS started an important digitization process with a 4.0 view, developing forms of integration between ERP, machine software and intuitive interfaces for all the operators.

Data collection.

The first development filled is the use of data, computing power and connectivity, and declines in big data, “the internet of Things”, machine-to-machine and cloud computing for the centralization of information and its conservation. This concept has been applied to all the new machinery bought from FASS, where the amount of data available is higher respect to other processes. Once the data is collected, we need to derive its value. Analysis of machine downtime, quality controls and periodic reports are automatically generated by the system made to measure for FASS, without needs of manual reporting by the operators. This system guarantees a series of tailor-made checks and reports for each customer, as well as significantly better quality standards.

Interaction between man and machine. Smart interfaces and augmented reality represent two innovative elements introduced from FASS: every operator has more time available, with smarter and more simple things to do. It means less human mistakes.

Transition from digital to real.

Production digitalization requires that a product born digital through a process that create what the designer projected. This is one of the greatest innovations that the 4th industrial revolution has brought, thanks to a customized program that simulates 3D products and minimizes set-up times. FASS developed some innovative 3D configurators to visualize all the new desired products.