Accordingly with our DNA to always looking for the best balance possible between quality and competitiveness, FASS mission is to produce items with the most innovative and advanced technologies, with a proud focus on Made and Designed in Italy. The house cleaning products have to be functional and extremely practical, but in the same time they must be furniture objects, aligning themselves with the continuous search of style and design in homes worldwide.

Totally Made in FASS is the synthesis of the company vision. . This concept perfectly describes the high vertical integration that distinguishes the company in the world: producing everything internally, in a single Italian plant designed to meet the needs of customers, is the best way to guarantee quality, reliability and full processes control. Everything takes place in FASS: from the idea, to the design thinking phase, passing through prototyping, engineering and mass production of the tailor-made item.

FASS inspiring idea is the “easy cleaning” concept: cleaning must be simple, fast and effective. The final consumer must be able to appreciate the functional practicality and intuitiveness of the products made in FASS: all the items are designed to help, improve and simplify daily cleaning operations. “Easy cleaning” purpose also embraces the cult of design: FASS products have always represented elements of style inside homes, without need of decorative complications or unnecessary abuse of plastic. Also the packaging is sustainably ”easy”, avoiding any doubt about use or recycling and impacting as less as possible on our planet.

There isn’t Totally Made in FASS or Easy Cleaning purpose without the human component. Our family management (today we are in the third generation) is faithful to the values of the founder Piero Niccolai, who always defined the company as

a big family.