Our History

March 13, 1968. Piero Niccolai founds FASS (Fabbrica Artigiana Scope e Spazzole) in Larciano, a land rich of sorghum, the raw material necessary to produce the brooms of that era. FASS becomes one of the first companies worldwide to introduce in the market a technological change that is now taken for granted: the transition from wooden brooms to the more modern, economical and qualitatively superior plastic and synthetic fiber brooms.

80s-90s. Two new sister companies are founded: FASS 2 and PLASTIC PRODUCTS. FASS 2 is a company specialized on painted metal handles production, while PLASTIC PRODUCTS is the factory for the molding of all the plastic components used by the company. FASS becomes one of the companies with the highest vertical integration in the world, producing all the items sold internally. This guarantees one of the best quality-price ratios in the cleaning market.

2001. FASS Spa was born. The merger of the three companies (Fass, Fass 2 and Plastic Products) and the construction of a new factory allow to optimize the company organization and economies of scale: 32,000 square meters able to satisfy all the different customers needs, independently from their size or geographical location.

2002. Set up of a new company for non-woven fabric, a strategically essential material for mops and cloths production. Another milestone to enhance the competitive advantage based on the highest vertical integration of all production processes. No company in Europe internalized so many processes related to the world of home cleaning.

2021. FASS procede con la realizzazione di un nuovo stabilimento. Il piano di investimenti degli ultimi anni e il costante impegno in ricerca e sviluppo hanno consentito una forte espansione aziendale, con rapporti commerciali consolidati in tutti i continenti. Questo ha portato alla costruzione di un nuovo warehouse, che sarà ultimato nella primavera 2022 e che consentirà di portare avanti il DNA di manifattura rigorosamente italiana e l’integrazione produttiva Totally Made in FASS.