Forty years’ of excellence in domestic cleaning

For forty years, Fass has been active in the market for brooms and cleaning utensils for all manner of settings.
Well-known in Italy and abroad, Fass has always been renowned for its great innovations which, since the early Eighties,
have been launched into its specific market sector and helped make daily cleaning routines easier, quicker and more effective.

The evolution of cleaning technology.

A special eye for technology and innovative design make Fass products the most ergonomic and functional utensils around, achieving perfect cleaning results in all settings.

Utensils which are specially designed to improve consumers’ quality of life: a world of cleaning which is more efficient, more straightforward and less tiring.
Quality guarantee and research ensure a suitable response to the new demands of an ever-changing market.

A sound success

Fass has come a long way in the world of cleaning.

New plants covering an area of more than 32,000 square metres (16,000 of which are under cover), where all production processes are undertaken in-house, from the manufacturing of handles to plastics moulding, fibre insertion and the assembly of the multitude of parts making up the finished article.

34,000,000 articles are produced annually: from large-scale retail trade to private labels, Fass provides the answer, fulfilling the demands of customers seeking elasticity, flexibility and quality in their products.