The human-centered approach represents FASS founding value since 1968: the human component has always been the milestone of corporate sustainability. The ownership strongly believes in sustainability, which represents, first of all, one of the founding values and a very precise business strategy: it has a 360 degrees impact on the company, passing through environmental sustainability, up to the community sustainability which FASS is part of, and finally stakeholders sustainability. If we are not sustainable, we can’t project a social actor as a company over the time. The company must act ethically, trying to create value for all the stakeholders involved in the daily operations and fitting in with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

FASS launched a full range of recycled cleaning items based not only on plastic, but on all the single component parts of this project: starting from the innovative recyclable polybags, passing through fibers coming from PET recycled bottles, up to all the FSC mix certified packaging.

Even more important is the ecological transition, starting with hybrid and electric injection moulding machines, up to the efficiency of all the plant consumption thanks to continuous monitoring with 4.0 tools.