Quality and certifications

Customer Service and Quality: these are key elements for the company. The capability to develop customized projects accordingly to each customer need is based on processes management and on a full control of all the inputs and outputs available. Quality Assurance Department is responsible for the continuous improvement approach and for the developing of new internal procedures. Quality is pursued in every single phase of FASS working cycle, thanks to the development of a new customized software: it manages and guarantees lot traceability and quality checks.

FASS LAB. In 2019 the company created FASS LAB, the internal research center where all the test are carried out with certified laboratory equipment and where the continuous improvement team meet daily to test new technical solutions and to evaluate all the products performance.

Accordingly with the quality-oriented path that has always been pursued, the company obtained the following certifications:

  • EN ISO 9001:2015
  • SA 8000:2014
  • FSC (CoC)