All aspects of Fass production processes are undertaken in our industrial plants.
The implications of this have called for huge industrial investment, but has also given us full control of every phase of production.
As a result, Fass customers have every confidence in product reliability in terms of quality standards and the company’s ability to honour delivery times.

A market as wide as the world

To think globally is part of the genetic makeup of Fass.

Market success over the last twenty years has also been due to the company’s ability to interpret and fulfil the demands of a diverse range of markets, achieved through constant technological research and the ongoing adaptation of product design.
As a result, Fass is an invaluable partner for a host of retail traders who, also in this sector, wish to offer products which are both attractive and competitive.

Made in Fass

100% Quality 100% Value 100% Fass.

Fass manufactures products for the undisputed leaders in the cleaning sector. The ideal partner for customers requiring product quality certificates, the production processes of Fass are entirely Made in Italy, personalized to fit the demands of different markets and company customers.