You are washing the dishes in your kitchen, with the arms tired after a long working day … you take the sponge with the gloves and you start scrubbing a plate: suddenly the grip fails and it falls in the sink hitting glasses and dishes. Are they broken?
How many of you have experienced this episode not only washing the dishes but also cleaning the bathroom? Or by washing the floors?
Fortunately, starting from today, that’s all an old memory; we created for you a new line designed to guarantee a perfect handling of the products: SOFT TOUCH.

The innovation is the ergonomic non-slip rubber layer on the household cleaning products’ handle, allowing the increase of the comfort and the grip of the handle.
The new line has been introduced with six products specifically designed to solve situations where water and detergents could make the use of these items more difficult.

Dish brush with sponge, with a revolutionary round shape and equipped with a soft / abrasive double side
Dish brush with fiber, for a deeper cleaning and encrusted dirt.

abbiamo ideato un pratico brush, that can be purchased individually or in the set version with the appropriate support.

here the last two SOFT TOUCH products, designed for helping you with the floors and laundry cleaning. The restyling of the classiclaundry brush, allows you to scrub the stains without being afraid of losing grip; the other product is dedicated to the whole house: it is the dustpan and brush set, perfect for dust removal.

All these products have been created with a special focus on customer needs, in order to improve the cleaning experience of each home. Exactly for this reason we added more value to this range thanks to the possibility of customizing each product. Every product can be unique by choosing to write your name or deciding to give a special gift to somebody.

Cloth or mop, this is the dilemma!

If you ever asked yourself this question, you are reding the right article. Even if a correct answer doesn’t exist, we want to help you better understand the differences between them, trying to dispel some clichés.
Cleaning the floors with a cloth is one of the oldest techniques, used for centuries to better polish castles and more: the most romantic people will certainly remember the dear Cinderella struggling with the big house to be cleaned.

In the modern variant, Cinderella should no longer sit with her knees on the floor of the house, but she could use our IBRA deck scrub, which has been used for decades to rub the most stubborn stains. The latest Made in FASS evolution is instead our “deck scrub with cloth grip”, an innovative brush characterized by the special rubber holes to lock the rag. It’s the more practical and comfortable model.

Although the use of the cloth has therefore become more comfortable thanks to the help of these practical tools, such as our brushes, however, it remains an extremely tiring technique due to the strong pressure required. A lot of people tend to prefer “deck scrub + cloth” thanks to the possibility of washing them in the washing machine, but our mop heads have the same feature.
Actually Mops are more used than floor cloths; they represent a technological upgrade respect to the traditional clothes for the following reasons:

1) Practicality and ergonomics. It is almost always accompanied by a bucket + wringer kit, which allows a much more comfortable and effective use
2) Variety of materials. There are an infinite range of MOPs, each one for a specific type of surface and taste; see our range of SUPER 3 and SUPER 4 multimaterial MOPs, passing through our NATURAL GREEN MICROFIBER MOP, up to TWISTMOP and COTTON MOP.
3) No contact with detergents and chemical agents. The use of the handle and wringer allows you to avoid contact of your hands with the cleaning area.

At this point it is clear that MOP is a technological evolution respect to clothes in general and it is certainly more suitable for all the people who don’t want to spend extra-time and energy in floor cleanings, while the floor cloth (a timeless classic) is loved by traditionalists and certainly guarantees great result, but with a great physical effort

How to wash floors

How to wash floors

With SuperMop cleaning is easier

Does cleaning take too much time?
Floors washing requires physical and mental effort: vacuuming, filling the bucket, washing the floor, cleaning under the furniture or moving them, washing the bucket and the mop as well as waiting for everything dry, are extremely long and boring actions.
That’s why FASS designed and built the space-saving SUPERMOP! Extremely performing and very comfortable, it allows you to give a quick pass without having to move furniture or taking too long!
So easy, the SUPER MOP is able to reach even the most unthinkable places with minimum effort.
Once the cleaning operations are finished, you can place it even in the smallest and narrowest corners of the house: fold it and it won’t take up space!
The turning point, however, is the microfiber cloth supplied with SUPERMOP. The materials it is made with (polyester and polyamide) and the design criteria will allow you to clean even more thoroughly without lasting any effort. Polyester generates the electrostatic effect, managing to attract and retain dust and its mites; the polyamide has absorbent properties, therefore, in combination with water, it allows the removal of dirt and the degreasing of any surface. They are perfect for any type of surface.
When cleaning operation is finished, you can wash them in the washing machine and they will be ready for another use.

With a little effort the result will be amazing! Our space-saving SUPERMOP with microfiber cloth, easy to use and great for quick cleaning, will be your favorite item in house cleaning!

How to clean your bathroom

Ready to clean!

Don’t you know where to start from? Are sanitary fixtures, showers, lights and tiles almost a nightmare?

Daily cleaning operations usually take a little time. But if you focus on details and you perform a more thorough cleaning, we are going to show you how to clean your bathroom in deep.

Here you can find some simple steps to obtain a simply perfect result!

STEP 1: Dust removal
Remove the objects that may disturb you from the bathroom. Take our super absorbent sponge cloth, clean deeply all the surfaces with movements from the top to the bottom.

STEP 2: Sanitizing
At this point we face the sanitary… the best for this operations is “varichina”. You pour some in the toilet and make it work! In the mean time to remove stubborn dirt from the sink, bidet or shower, you can use the super absorbent sponge cloth to rub the bicarbonate from the surfaces of the sanitary ware in order to disinfect and sanitize them with a super efficient product that is not harmful to health.

STEP 3: Clean glass and transparent surfaces
for glass we recommend our super microfiber glass cloth with a solution of water and vinegar, super natural but also incredibly cleaning and efficient: sprinkle the surface of the solution and rub the cloth energetically. The microfiber will capture residual dust, trapping it and making your glass surfaces more brilliant than ever!
STEP 4: Sanitize the floor
Now just have to use a broom to collect and remove the final dirt from the floor, after which you can clean it with a solution of amuchina and once finished, you have to put back the objects that you had removed previously.

A little tip: for a perfect cleaning, without taking too much effort, the secret is to let the detergents act on their own!

Now you have four simple steps for an unmistakable result and deep sanitation!

How to clean parquet without damaging it

How to clean and feed the Parquet in few simple steps

Parquet is one of the most used floors to warm rooms and to make them comfortable. It has excellent durability and wear resistance. It guarantees good performance against mechanical and vibrational stresses and it is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator. To preserve it, avoid scratching or deteriorating, otherwise it will lose all these properties.
Here there are some useful steps to clean it and keep it properly:
STEP 1: use FASS Parquet broom, excellent to remove dust properly thanks to its beeswax bristles; ideal for nourishing and reviving wood. Obviously without releasing harmful substances or even scratching the floor.
STEP 2: to maintain perfectly the Parquet, it’s necessary that the detergents are selected accordingly to its characteristics and veins: alcohol, for example, to be diluted in a bucket with water in moderate quantities, is an excellent sanitizer. If your Parquet has particularly dirty areas, you can help yourself with a mixture based on water and lemon juice, an excellent 100% universal degreaser that also eliminates odors.
STEP 3: when the floor is completely dry, polish it using either a small amount of olive oil or the wax that allows it to maintain its original appearance, limiting also the scratches caused by your pet.
The wax is chosen on the base of the type of Parquet and the effect you want to achieve, glossy or opaque. We recommend to apply it every 3-6 months with a soft cotton cloth and removing it with a wax remover every two years, to avoid the appearance of opaque areas and renew the protection.
Now that you know all the necessary steps to follow, you no longer have to worry about cleaning your parquet, but never forget quality products.


How to clean your homes or business exteriors
Which are the most suitable tools for outdoor cleaning? How often do we use the same indoor products as outdoor and we are not satisfied about the final result obtained?
Here a series of simple indications that will surely be useful to you.
It isn’t a secret that the external areas of our homes are subjected every day to the deterioration generated not only by atmospheric agents, but also by contact with corrosive or acidic substances. However we often underestimate the importance of a periodic cleaning, till we decide to invite friends for dinner on our terraces or we think we can make a better use of the garden during summer.
Se we not only suggest you a frequent cleaning of terracotta, granite and stone, but we also invite you to evaluate an “ecological cleaning”, respecting the growing awareness of environmental sustainability. What do we mean with ecological cleaning?
An example of ecological cleaning is do-it-yourself detergent: it allows you to not use substances harmful to our health and the environment, and at the same time you can have economic savings being eco-friendly
The right tools and follow the correct steps are essential elements: the first essential step is to sweep the floors, and the most indicated product for outdoors is our “Natural Green” outdoor broom, made from recycled materials according to all the people who choose a Green lifestyle. An outdoor broom differs from traditional indoor brooms on the basis of the bristles type, which must be strictly longer (at least 10 cm) and harder. At this point you can proceed with the “do-it-yourself” detergent; here are some useful and effective ingredients to prepare detergents with the addition of hot or warm water:
• White vinegar: excellent sanitizer and anti-limescale, with excellent degreasing and disinfectant properties
• Baking soda: neutralizes and eliminates odors. It’s also an excellent disinfectant and degreaser for all surfaces
• Lemon: used both as a room purifier thanks to the perfume it releases and as a disinfectant
Once you prepared what you need, you can eliminate dirt residues in a natural and optimal way, deeply sanitizing your floor.


Unexpected guests? How to fight dust.
In the era of robotics and automation, dust removal is certainly one of the most annoying and tiring activities to carry out: the frenetic rhythm we have daily doesn’t match the continuous and physiological dust deposition inside our homes. Household dust is the result of the accumulation of organic and non-organic microparticles. Certainly not aesthetic, it can become a potential cause of respiratory problems and allergic reactions. It’s necessary to be careful and remove it often, especially in an extremely delicate period like this, in which sanitization and cleaning operations are more than ever part of our life.
For all these reasons FASS created a product that allows to remove the dust in a simple and efficient way. Extremely light and easy to handle, with an attractive design and rigorously Made in Italy, Dustbroom has been designed to clean the busiest areas of your homes.
If you plan to receive guests and you have to clean in a very short time your house, the mixed action Dustbroom + oily dust removal cloths allows you to dust, clean and polish all surfaces, both floors and furniture, in a simple way. Dustbroom and dust removal cloths represent the best compromise between the vacuum cleaner and a traditional broom, ensuring a more deep cleaning of a vacuum cleaner and at the same time faster than a classic broom.
The oily dust removal cloths are the real added value for these kind of applications, by the moment the contain special mineral oils to eliminate the dust. They are available also with lemon scent, to make the environment more pleasant. They are highly recommended to clean the windows of your homes.
If you follow our indications, dust will not be a problem.

Interbrush 2020

INTERBUSH 2020 > 2022
FASS is one of the first companies that requested the postponement of the most important event for all the manufacturers of brooms and brushes worldwide: during this moment of emergency and uncertainty it would have been absurd to take such a great risk in front of an international emergency.

Bacciotti Foundation

Easter with Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation
As per tradition, also this year FASS is proud to give a small contribution to the Tommasino Bacciotti Onlus Foundation. A special wish for a happy Easter to all our collaborators.

Covid-19 emergency

During this surreal moment of emergency and uncertainty we all have to support, help and thank all the people who are on the front line to guarantee the first needs and services to the communities.
FASS has decided to help its territory by distributing safety devices to all the people involved in basic needs activities: pharmacies, supermarkets, law enforcement agencies and local institutions.
At the same time the company implemented every single letter of the protocol shared by the government to guarantee the safety of workers; periodic sanitization, daily distribution of individual safety devices, maintenance of safety distances, daily control of the health conditions of its own collaborators and use of smart working.
FASS S.p.a thanks all its collaborators, without them it wouldn’t have been possible to face a difficult moment like this: their availability, trust and commitment have always been the added value of this great family.
The shareholder decided to stipulate a special insurance policy created specifically for Covid-19; in order to guarantee economic protection and assistance against any contagion.